JKS MS Is Committed to Quality

We Meet & Exceed Quality Expectations

At JKS Manufacturing Solutions, quality assurance is not just a department, it’s something that’s built into everything we do.

How we operate to ensure consistent, high-quality parts is what separates us from the competition. We closely align our quality processes with client requirements and execute daily. We routinely fabricate and finish sheet metal parts and assemblies that meet MIL-Spec and other client specifications.

Today, JKS MS is ISO 9001:2015 compliant and we are awaiting our certification. We are also pursuing ITAR registration.


Partial Inspection Equipment

We have a broad range of inspection tools at our disposal to ensure the quality of your parts.

Coordinate Measuring (CMM) Angle Plates
Surface Plates Micrometers
Optical Comparators Height Gages

Operational Excellence in Everything We Do

Operational excellence provides consistent performance. JKS Manufacturing Solutions is dedicated to exceeding our clients’ requirements and expectations. As such, JKS MS continually improves our internal processes and the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.

A clear understanding of JKS client requirements.

Robust systems and metrics to ensure product quality.

Actionable plans for current and projected demand growth.

Vendor Management
Vetted vendor base for materials and processes.

Buffer Strategy
Strategy to best account for manufacturing volume variations.

Work Tracking
Work tracking to ensure on-time product delivery.

JKS MS works with buyers and engineers to solve problems and get the fabricated parts and assemblies they need — on-time and within budget. How can we help your company?