Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Press Brake Metal Forming

JKS MS sheet metal fabrication services are a cost-effective solution to your manufacturing needs. From programming to set up and bending, we’re experts in the field. We fabricate precision parts in prototype, low, and medium-volume production that are used in a wide range of industries.

When it comes to bending sheet metals and plate to precise lengths and angles, there is no other machine like the press brake. JKS MS can produce a variety of shapes including angles, “U” shapes, hat shapes, multiple bend shapes, “C” shapes, and offsets.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Example Operations & Shapes

Hems Boxes
Any-Angle Bends Interrupted Folds
Rolled Edges Deep Channels
Stiffening Ribs Return Bends
Closed Channels Deep Fins

Accupress Accell E 425012

Having a great press brake is critical to any fabricator’s operations and success. In 2020, JKS MS purchased a new Accupress Accell 425012 CNC press brake. The Accell E press brake has a high-quality build, an impressive number of features, and advanced controls. The Accell E enables JKS MS to economically produce high-quality complex parts.

Accell E Attributes

250 Ton CNC Press 6 Axis CNC Backgauge
12’ Lengths Off-Center Bending
22” Open Height CNC Crowning

Example Parts

Enclosures Brackets
Chassis Components
Panels Weldments

Tolerance for Distance

Over 2 Bends (2B) ± .020″ Hole to Edge (H2E) ± .010″
Hole to Hole (H2H) ± .005″ Edge to Edge (E2E) ± .020″ (Constrained)
Hole to Hole Over 2 Bends (H2H/2B) ± .020″ Hole to Hole Over 4 Bends (H2H/4B) ± .020″ (Constrained)
Hole to Bend (H2B) ± .015″ Edge to Bend (E2B) ± .015

Materials We Work With

JKS MS manufactures sheet metal parts from a variety of metals.

Aluminum (All Grades) Galvanized Steel Mild Steel
Stainless Steel High Strength Steel Copper
Cold Rolled Steel Brass Hot Rolled Steel

JKS MS works with buyers and engineers to solve problems and get the fabricated parts and assemblies they need — on-time and within budget. How can we help your company?