Secondary Processes & Finishing

Great Finishes Because Our Clients Deserve It

JKS MS offers clients a wide variety of secondary processes, surface preparations, and finishes in-house and through our approved vendor network.

Our vendors adhere to the highest quality standards and consistently deliver quality parts on schedule. Together, we routinely fabricate and finish parts and assemblies that meet MIL-Spec and other client specifications.

Secondary Processes

Secondary Processes

Heat Treating Plating
Welding Silk Screening
Spot Welding Hardware Installation
Wet Painting Mechanical Assembly
Powder Coating Precision Liquid Dispensing (FIP)


Graining Wet Paint
Plating Silk Screening
Powder Coating


Conversion Coating (Alodine) Tin
Zinc Gold
Nickel Silver
Anodize Passivation

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