Mechanical & Welded Assemblies

Bringing It All Together

In addition to component manufacturing, JKS Manufacturing Solutions offers a range of mechanical and welded assembly services as a value add to our clients. JKS MS assembly services often help clients reduce costs and streamline processes.

JKS MS manufactures parts in-house, works with client-supplied parts, or purchases components used in the assembly. Our goal is to provide an end-to-end service.


JKS MS Assembly Services Include

Project Management Quality Control
In-House Part Manufacturing Testing
Competitive Component Purchasing Engineering Support
Welded or Mechanical Assembly

Mechanical Assembly

As a full-service shop, JKS MS mechanically assembles many of our sheet metal products for our clients. We perform a wide variety of assembly operations, ranging from hardware installation to complete mechanical assembly involving dozens of subcomponents. If the assembly requires purchased components or client-supplied components, we can easily incorporate them into the final product. By providing mechanical assembly services, JKS Manufacturing Solutions helps you reduce overall costs, compress lead times, and streamlines inventory and handling.

Welded Assembly

JKS MS excels at precision weldments. We are experts at engineering fixtures to achieve precise alignment and maintain tight tolerances. JKS MS has the capability and capacity to handle small to large and simple to complex weldments. We manufacture welded assemblies in prototype, low volume, and mid-range production quantities. JKS MS ensures your assemblies achieve structural integrity with an excellent finish.


In addition to our standard mechanical assembly and welded assembly services, JKS MS can assemble your components using rivets. Rivets are cost-effective and allow for quick production. It is generally a great joining option when components are made from different types of materials, visibility of the rivets is not an issue, and the joint is intended to be permanent.

JKS MS works with buyers and engineers to solve problems and get the fabricated parts and assemblies they need — on-time and within budget. How can we help your company?